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The vote

on the

445 SW Marine Drive development

The motion to approve the development passed with one councillor opposed.

Absent from this vote:

Councillors Ball (NPA), Jang (Vision), and Meggs (Vision)

Present for this vote:

Councillors Affleck (NPA), Carr (Green), De Genova (NPA), Deal (Vision), Louie (Vision), Reimer (Vision), Stevenson (Vision), and Mayor Robertson (Vision)

Two amendments were moved and defeated:

Amendment proposed by Councillor Carr that $10 million be added to the affordable housing reserve to be allocated in or near Cambie Corridor.

Amendment to Amendment proposed by Councillor DeGenova to add “…or the Marpole Neighbourhood”.


Both amendments were lost with Councillors Deal, Louie Reimer, Stevenson, and Mayor Robertson opposed.


Main Motion Carried, with Councillor Carr opposed, all others in favour.

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