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Rally support for neighbourhood control

Share our handbill with your friends

Would you like to share some of these ideas with your friends? Print or email our flyer or get printed copies from us.

Get in touch:

            Write to us at


            or call Alicia Barsallo at


Get your club or association to pass a motion for neighbourhood control

Whether your group has five or fifty members, we want them thinking about our proposed alternative. Feel free to use our sample motion and put the item on the agenda. For help or support, please get in touch at

Please let us know how it goes!

Attend our All Candidates Meeting

Wednesday September 19th 2018

7 to 9 pm

Shamrock Hall, 2881 Main St, Vancouver

We hope to see you there!

There is one thing we can do in a few minutes on one day every four years: VOTE

                           - by Anita Romaniuk

Many of us are unhappy with Council decisions on development projects in our neighbourhoods.  Many of us wonder what we can do about it.  Certainly some of us get involved in organizing, contacting our neighbours, writing letters to the editor, and going to Council meetings.  Others might like to, but are too weighed down with issues that life tosses our way. 


However, there is one thing that those of us who are citizens of Canada can do in a few minutes on one day every four years – vote in municipal elections!   

Fighting our battles in isolation has made it easy for City Council to ignore our voices. We need to empower neighbourhoods. Indeed it is necessary to organize, but it is also necessary to vote! Get active: Meet neighbourhood organizers, hear speakers, come to meetings... AND on October 20th 2018, VOTE !

Sample motion for neighbourhood control

This is a template of a city motion that can be used by neighbourhood groups and other community organizations to endorse an alternative to the phony consultation now employed by City Council

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