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VOTE SMART! Don't send developer backers

to City Council - Rally for neighbourhood control

It's the candidate's track record that's important, not what she says

We need to elect to Council those who have worked for and speak for the homeless, the children, the people who rent, the seniors, single-family lot owners, local business owners; but who also stand for livability and community-oriented development.


We need to elect to Council those who are committed to neighbourhood control on city development because to take back our city, we need to empower our neighbourhoods.


Look beyond the political party. Look at the individual.

Livability, a major factor in our standard of living

We want housing that facilitates improved lifestyles -- a variety of housing styles, not a multitude of towers.


We want to come home from work to a quiet neighbourhood where people are friendly, to a comfortable home with enough privacy, to green surroundings that can allow us to relax, to accessible amenities that allow us to meet or to exercise. The place where we live is a major component of our standard of living.

Rally support for neighbourhood control

Many decisions that the current City Council has taken have gone against the wishes and interests of communities. A good number of these have passed unanimously. Let's vote them out.  Let's also advance a model that will allow us to have a real say on what happens to our city: neighbourhood control.

Take the discussion to your club, committee, and association, and get them to pass a motion in support of our two prong approach to neighbourhood control [Click here for a sample motion].

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