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Destruction of our beautiful city is fast apace

"Vancouver Vanishes"

Caroline Adderson documented in her Facebook page, “Vancouver Vanishes”, and more recently in a book, that the City of Vancouver has issued 10,000 demolition permits since 2004 [click on the image to see the Nov 18th 2015 Vancouver Courier article].

Unbridled development is resulting in the destruction of an incredible number of perfectly good homes, with an enormous amount of quality materials ending up in the land fill. As one of the essayists points out in the book, it is the type of development that has changed the class of people who can afford to live in the city. It used to be that people with a variety of income brackets could live in the west side of Vancouver. Not any more.

See also the 13 Dec 2013 issue of The Tyee [Click on the underlined part to see the article] and the 27 Jan 2016 Georgia Straight [Click on the underlined part to see the article].

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