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It's the candidate's track record that's important, not what she says

We need to elect people whose work shows their passion for fairness and livability

We need to elect activists to City Hall. Intelligent? Yes  Accomplished? That too. But, above all, we need to elect people whose passionate, selfless, and dedicated work has strived to shape our city as a fair and livable city.


We need to elect people who have been fighting for a city council that puts neighbourhoods before developers and other vested interests.

We support candidates that have championed the rights of particular social groups

Candidates we endorse may have campaigned for more rental housing, or for more affordable housing, or to end homelessness, or to protect and increase our green areas, or to improve and increase our amenities, or for better public transit, or to protect our local businesses, or to prevent irresponsible densification, or to stop the rezoning of single-family neighbourhoods, or against unsafe bicycle lanes, or to protect heritage housing, or for more social services, ... Ideally, in our view, all of these concerns need representation on City Council. However, if developer influence is to be stamped out of City Council, every single candidate that we endorse must be committed to livability and neighbourhood control on city development.


Look beyond the political party. Look at the individual.

While it is true that someone running as candidate for a pro-developer party, has already made a statement. It is not  true that someone running as candidate for a party that has never received corporate donations, will be sure to stand for livability and neighbourhood control. A brief look at the history of our political municipal parties will certainly make the case. Once must give special importance at the candidate's individual track record.


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