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We've come across excellent slogans in our travels

The placard speaks for the thousands that are left without a home as gentrification takes place



Slogans that speak from the heart

Irresponsible rezoning ruins people's lives

Slogans that unite various communities

Rushed development has prompted entire communities to speak out

Slogans that condemn

Vancouver and Burnaby City Halls have been selling expensive chicken coups as affordable housing 

Slogans that reveal

The truth, of course, is that people are being rezoned out of their homes because it is very profitable to do so

Slogans that tell it like it is

Yes, indeed, money talks. Why is this all happening? Because construction and developer money is financing the election campaigns of those who have control of our city

Slogans that empower us

Indeed, we can. We are the residents AND the electorate. If not us, then who?

Slogans that point the way forward

A city of towers - crowded and devoid of green space - is not a livable city. We need neighbourhoods where people can live peacefully enjoying both individual and community space. We need a city with ample parks for our children and nearby accessible uncrowded amenities for us all. We need to save and protect our single family dwellings and to enjoy also a variety of other low-rise options as green, comfortable and attractive affordable housing for sale and for rent. And we need to ensure that community planning is shaped by community needs and preferences, not by greed.

Slogans that denounce

If development in our cities is determined by corporate interests, the benefits will be for the greedy few. Communities will get the scraps. Is this the best we can do? Surely we can elect a city council that looks after the interests of all residents.

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