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Why a website?  

Our purpose is NOT to compete with other websites, among them notably CityHall Watch, that provide vital and complete information about City events and neighbourhood action.

Our focus is to draw conclusions succinctly and clearly so that any busy person reading us will quickly and easily find out a point of view alternative to that touted by City Hall's media machinery. We do back up our assertions, however, and make sure that our readers know where we got our facts and where to look for more information.

Our website puts forth counter arguments to the pseudo claims used to justify the ongoing rezoning to suit real estate speculation, and proposes neighbourhood control as a vehicle for empowering our communities.

Also, like other organizations, we work to promote neighbourhood action across the city.

And at election time, we hope to present you, our reader, with a fresh approach as to how to ASSESS THE CANDIDATES who take a run during municipal elections. 

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