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Developers back Vision Vancouver & BC Liberals

Vision and BC Liberals share the same financial backers

On March 7, 2014 The Mainlander reported that Westbank, the Aquilini family, and Concord Pacific donated tens of thousands to Vision and the BC Liberals in the last municipal [Nov 2014] and provincial elections [May 2013]. Later, Westbank was given a rezoning in Chinatown right in the middle of a community planning process. The Aquilini family got a $35 million tax exemption for their project next to GM Place. And Concord Pacific was allowed to use urban farms to evade property taxes.

Donations like these can be profitable for the wealthy donors and can also lead to government appointments. According to the May 2nd 2012 The Mainlander [click on the image to read the article], condo king Bob Rennie was appointed to the BC Housing Board [See also the Apr 27, 2012 Vancouver Sun]

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