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Neighbourhoods have shown us that they want to be heard

Collective action, the only way to go

Concerned residents in various neighbourhoods have been giving of their precious time to fight unconsulted excessive rezoning and densification.


In Vancouver, we fought these under the NPA-majority City Council headed by Mayor Sam Sullivan. We fight these now under the Vision Vancouver-majority City Council headed by Mayor Gregor Robertson. And we will very likely have to fight them under the next Council. We must keep up the pressure. We need to continue to spread the idea of neighbourhood control.

"Our beloved, historic, peaceful, spacious Marpole is being wiped out!" - Letters to the editor

Trying to work through City Council's bureaucratic channels in order to stop Council from destroying the character of his neighbourhood, this Marpole resident writes a telling piece.


"Historic Marpole can grow very nicely at its own pace without destroying the character of its neighbourhoods," he says towards the end.

How many people did Lyle Geary speak for? Hundreds if not thousands

Oakridge-Langara neighbours rally against colossal Oakridge Centre development

The Vision-run Vancouver City Council has gone ahead with its enormous Oakridge Mall development but the community has recorded its opposition on numerous occasions. This opposition forced in 2014 a 20% reduction in housing units. The original development called for 11 residential towers to range between 19 and 44 storeys.

The Oakridge Centre development is a major example of irresponsible densification and undemocratic decision making.

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