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We are losing low-cost and rental housing

The rising housing prices and the ease with which developer permits are obtained prompts speculators to constantly buy, demolish, build and sell, thereby multiplying their profits.

To make room for the building of tiny expensive condos, entire low-cost housing complexes have been torn down and thousands of renters have been evicted from their homes

Losing your rental accommodation amidst the development boom can wreck your life

Frances Bula points out in the July 11, 2016 edition of The Globe and Mail, that vacancy rates in the Lower Mainland are at an all time low -- under 1 per cent.

Every time a house gets torn down to make room for condos for sale, precious rental units are demolished with it. At a loss to find alternative accommodation in the city that they once called home, those evicted from their rental accommodation find that they didn’t just lose a place to live. The scarcity of rental accommodation means that their whole life has to change.

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